Queen of All Saints features a computer lab fitted with a SMARTBoard, two large screen wall-mounted monitors, and newly installed Lenova desktops. Additionally, every classroom is equipped with SMARTBoard technology. Teachers incorporate its use into all lessons so as to enhance student learning. Tactical learners are able to use the screen by touching and marking the board; auditory learners are able to listen to the content being presented, as visual learners make observations. Our Kindergarten is equipped with a 1:1 I-Pad program where each child works on assignments adapted to fit their specific needs. Fifteen laptops and 30 I-Pads are available for classroom use enabling students to complete assignments in a manner that fuels learning and fosters independence. 




Using the New York State Math Modules, which are marked by in-depth focus on fewer topics, Common Core Learning Standards are effectively integrated in every classroom. Teachers are dedicated to assisting with the mastery of topics by applying math to practical situations and by using a collaborative and cooperative approach to solving problems. Through the utilization of the modules both critical and higher order thinking skills are developed.


Supplementing our classroom program is Mathletics, a technology based tool used to differentiate instruction. Students are required to use the program at home, as teachers monitor their progress. Individual scores alert teachers to the need for enrichment as well as, the need to review already learned material.


Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School offers Algebra I Regents courses to our 7th & 8th grade students.  The Regents Program is in session every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.



The Science program adheres to New York State Standards. In order to effectively implement science standards, the Science Lab assists with the process. Hands-on student centered activities help to foster a love of science in our lab. Equipped with a vast array of materials such as Compound Light Microscopes and Triple-Beam Balances, we provide endless opportunities for the students to work on assignments that peak their interest. Recognizing the importance of working cooperatively when completing tasks, assignments are constructed that encourage collaboration.