Writing Piece: Due  EVERY Friday:

Students will be asked to use a sheet of loose leaf to write a 2 paragraph story. The story can be about anything they desire. The only rule is they must use 5 spelling words and 3 vocabulary words from the current vocabulary words.


Homework 6/1:

Write a sentence for each spelling word.

Write a sentence for each vocabulary word.

Wonders pages 293-300

We begin Grade 5 Math tomorrow.Vocabulary Unit 6 Week 4:

1)Unchanged               11) Deflate

2)Unnamed                  12) Displeased

3)Restate                      13) Happily

4)Reverse                     14) Finally

5)Infrequent                 15) Kindness

6)Invisible                     16) Fearful

7)Intersect                    17) Oversized

8)Interstate                  18) Establishment

9)Prepaid                      19) Action

10) Prejudged              20) Semiweekly


Free Verse- are poems that have irregular lines and lack a metrical pattern and rhyme scheme.

Gobble- means to eat quickly and in large chunks.

Imagery- is the use of words to create a picture in the reader’s mind.

Individuality- is a quality that makes one person or thing different from others.

Metaphor- compares two unlike things without using like or as.

Mist- is a cloud of tiny drops of water or other liquid in the air.

Personification- is when human characteristics are given to anything that is not human.

Roots- are a person’s ancestors